Get to know how to evaluate your career, set a career goal, and develop a plan to reach your goal with the help of the following information.

How to Develop Your Career?

How to Develop Your Career?
personal_growth_tipsToday our work environments are quickly changing. Companies and organizations are now flatter with fewer organization layers, which results in fewer promotional opportunities. Employees need to become more flexible to rapidly learn new abilities and become accustomed to change. Consequently employees need to own their development and aggressively run their career in the midst of change.

If you are not happy with your career it is the high time to evaluate it and make steps to its development. First of all you should determine what you are going to achieve in your career and what particularly you want to reach in the next year. Write down your career goal and think about how to achieve it. To best achieve your goal it is useful to create a written development plan. It should comprise development objectives, measures, development activities, and a timeline.

  Development Objectives
Determine by yourself what knowledge, skills, or abilities are necessary to develop to reach your goal. After that you need to decide the skills required of managers and recognize those skills that you should develop. Look at several sources of advice on your abilities. Ask for feedback from your supervisor, analyze past performance evaluations, and complete a skills evaluation. Choose one to three development objectives to work on this coming year and write them down, for example: to develop project management skills, leadership skills, and improve your ability to deal with change.

Identify how you will evaluate every development objective. Your measures should be specific, measurable and practical. Your evaluation might be to influence at least three of your peers to accept your ideas.

  Development Activities
Determine which learning activities will assist you in the development of your skills. They may include reading books, listening to audiotapes or CDs, taking a class, shadowing someone on the job, interviewing an expert, working with a mentor, taking on challenging projects, and many others. Identify a number of activities to help you develop the specific skills you have recognized.

Identify a completion date for every development activity. Make certain you choose a timeframe that is realistic for you.

A written development plan will give a framework and focus for your development. You are considerably more probable to attain your career goal by following your plan to develop yourself.