Discover the valuable information about graduate education, its types, advantages and disadvantages, costs, financial support and scholarships available for graduate students.

Fundamentals of Graduate Education

fundamentals_of_graduate_educationLook through numerous comprehensive articles, helpful tips and recommendations, offered in this category, get to know about educational institutions that provide graduate education and decide is graduate education right for you. 
Admissions Tips
Have you made up your mind to apply to graduate school? Consider the main admissions tips and make the entire process much easier.
Applying and Getting In the Process
Examine the graduate school application process in detail; learn more about the interview, letters of recommendation, test scores, application fee, transcripts and other special application materials.
Choose Graduate Education
Read the article and find out first steps to take which will help you to determine if graduate education is the right decision for you.
Choosing an Advisor
Become aware of the qualities you should pay attention to when choosing an advisor. Find out why an advisor is necessary for success in graduate school.
Graduate Education Is Losing Moral Base
This article provides you with the information about the most common difficulties and problems the graduate education is experiencing nowadays.
Graduate school Recommendations
Here you will find the information about graduate school recommendations and the points you should include in them to make them the most up-to-date.
International Applicants School Guide
It may be very difficult for international students to attend graduate school in the US. Read about the most widespread challenges they may face and learn how to avoid them.
Is Graduate School Right for You?
Are you in two minds whether graduate school is appropriate for you? If you would like to determine this, here are some pointers to help you make the right decision.
Making Your Entrance Test Early
If you want to meet all application requirements to graduate school and submit them in time, you should complete your entrance test as early as possible. Learn what tests you may have and their requirements you should achieve.
Managing Your Time in Graduate School
Find out how to manage your time in graduate school; consider some points on how to rationally use your time and develop good time managing skills.
Motivations for Choosing Graduate Education
Read the information regarding the most frequent motivations for choosing graduate education, presented here. Define your own motivation in order to make the right decision.
Outline of Graduate Education
Check out the fundamental information concerning graduate education and get to know about its structure and specific features.
Paying for Graduate Study
The following information will help you to get to known more about expenses, connected with taking graduate study or research, and some sources of the financial support offered by government.
Reasons to Choose Graduate Education
Find out the most wide spread reasons that make students choose graduate education as an option.
Scholarships for Graduate Students
Read the following article offering recommendations how to find and apply for scholarships for graduate students.
Searching a Graduate School
Do not know how to start your search of the graduate education school? This article will help you to make your search process easier.
Step-by-Step Application Timeline
Examine the most common application schedule and secure yourself from unforeseen problems, such as a lost transcript, lack of required documents, etc.
Steps in Searching a Graduate School
The article presents the information that will help you in searching a graduate school and will make this process easier.
Strengthen Your Grad Application
Learn a few tips for creating a successful grad application and making your personal experience shine on it.
Test Takers Rights and Responsibilities
Here you will discover and be taught with the specifying and clarifying the expectations that test takers may reasonably have about the testing process, and the expectations that those who develop, administer, and use tests may have of test takers.
The Part-Time Graduate Education
Have no opportunity to take a full-time graduate course because of full-time employment or another reason? Read the article offered and choose the best alternative for you.
The Pros and Cons of Graduate School
Become aware of the main advantages and disadvantages of a graduate school; read about practical and personal concerns associated with it.
Time Management Tips for Graduates
Here you may find some time management tips for graduate students in order to organize their graduate education process.
Types of Graduate Qualifications
Get to know about the major types of modern graduate qualifications and those existing in the education system around the world in the past.